Active Development Projects

These projects are currently underway and bear watching

Status: Urgent

145 West Shore Road

7 level, 176 Unit Apartment building on the water, obstructing views, increasing traffic

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Status: Concerning

12 Irma Avenue

Seeking variances to build oversize apartment building.

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Status: Withdrawn

7-11 at Main Street & PW Blvd

Proposed 7-11 for the busy intersection of Main Street and PW Blvd. There is concern regarding the look of a 7-11 at the head of Main street. They are seeking variances to have smaller parking spaces presumably to be able to accomodate more cars.

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Status: OK

North Hempstead Beach Park Revitalization

Significant improvements to Hempstead Beach Park as part of a 5 year plan.

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Status: Watching

1 Channel Drive, Manorhaven

Mixed use building at the corner of Channel Drive and Shore Road in Manorhaven - commercial space on first floor, apartments above.

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Status: OK (Resolved)

Mitchell Farm Waterfront

The Waterfront Business District is currently undergoing a rezoning. The proposed change allows for 3-story structures, 200+ private condo units, hundreds more cars, noise, congestion, and safety risks, including flooding and environmental issues.

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